May 12, 2012

Annemarie Roeper (1918-2012)

Good Morning:

Our dear friend Dr. Annemarie Roeper passed away yesterday morning.

I feel so very honored to have known her.  During our five years of working together, we had many adventures; including travels to one of our favorite places in the universe -- Big Sur -- and publishing many books and articles.

Over the past year, we had been working together on a memoir about her childhood in Germany. She made me promise to finish it, and I was so happy to be able to put the first draft in her hands shortly before she died. Much has been written about Annemarie and the Bondy family, but she was delighted  to know that this chapter in her life story would be fully told. MARIENAU will be published in the next month and I think it will be a wonderful tribute to Annemarie's exceptional life.

Should you wish to leave a note for the family, you can visit Over 3000 comments have been written since the site was posted last week, which should give you an idea of the powerful force Annemarie was here on earth. Now that she is part of what she called, "The Mystery," I'm sure she will continue to be a magnificent guiding angel to us all.

In deep gratitude,


P.S.  For a list of her books or more information about Annemarie, you can go to or Her book BEYOND OLD AGE can be ordered at or you can type in Annemarie Roeper to view her four children's books. 

Karen Mireau

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            Bloomfield Hills, Mich., May 11, 2012 - Annemarie Bondy Roeper, educator, author, and a founder of The Roeper School, a nationally recognized independent school for the gifted in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., died May 11, 2012 in Oakland, California.  She was 93.
             Annemarie Roeper and her husband, George Roeper, who passed away in 1992, established the school in Detroit in 1941 with nine students.  Their educational vision encompassed a profound respect for the individual and a commitment to freedom of growth and learning within an emotionally and intellectually supportive community. 
            Today the school serves 560 students from preschool through high school, and Annemarie is recognized as a pioneering figure in the field of education.
Throughout her life, Annemarie was a consistent voice for the individual soul of each child.   As she wrote in her book Educating Children for Life, “Humanity has made two promises to its children.  The first is to prepare a world which accepts them and provides them with opportunities to live, grow, and create in safety.  The other is to help them develop their whole beings to the fullest in every respect.”
            As the daughter of educators, Annemarie began absorbing educational ideas early.  She was born in Vienna on August 27, 1918, toward the end of the First World War.  Her mother, Gertrud Bondy, was a medical doctor and psychoanalyst in training with Sigmund Freud at the time.  After the war, she and her husband, Max Bondy, embarked on a career in education, founding a series of schools based on a psychoanalytic understanding of human development and a desire to educate children to build and thrive in a pluralistic, democratic society.  Annemarie grew up in her parents’ school, and met her future husband when he arrived as a student in 1923.
            The Bondys were Jewish by heritage and when the Nazi Party ascended to power in the 1930s, they were forced out of their school (Schule Marienau, which is still operating outside Hamburg) and fled first to Switzerland and then, in 1939, to the United States.  Annemarie and George were invited to come to Detroit in 1941 to direct a psychoanalytically oriented nursery school and established a grade school as well.   Their modern, humanistic approach to education was immensely attractive and the school grew rapidly.  In 1946, they purchased a campus in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and in 1981 the school expanded to include a second campus in Birmingham, Michigan.
            Over the years, Annemarie and George were innovators as educators and people.  Early civil rights activists, they embraced integration as both a moral and educational principle.  They integrated the student body in 1955 and the school’s first Board of Advisors in 1956.  That same year, Annemarie and George convened a panel of national experts in the nascent field of gifted education to develop a curriculum for gifted children.  In September, the school became only the second elementary school in the country to focus exclusively on gifted education.  In 1965, participating in another ground-breaking endeavor, Annemarie consulted with Joan Ganz Cooney on the development of the Sesame Street program.
            Annemarie became a pioneer in the emerging gifted education community, leading a movement to emphasize gifted children’s emotional needs as well as their intellectual needs.  Annemarie taught courses in gifted education at Oakland University, and in 1978 she and George founded the Roeper Review, a peer-reviewed scholarly quarterly that is still published by the school.   Annemarie retired from the school in 1980, although she remained a member of the Board of Trustees until 2002.  She established a consultation practice in gifted education, and was in demand as a speaker nationally and internationally.   In 1989, Annemarie received the President’s Award from the National Association for Gifted Children for a lifetime of distinguished service to the field.
            Annemarie never completed any higher education after high school.  In 1937, while a medical student at the University of Vienna, she was the youngest person ever accepted by Sigmund and Anna Freud to study child psychoanalysis with them.  The German invasion of Austria in March 1938 prevented her from beginning her studies.  She fled on the last train to cross the Austrian frontier before the Germans invaded, and the Freuds fled soon after.  In 1978, Eastern Michigan University awarded an honorary doctorate to Annemarie, as well as to her husband, George. 
Over her career, Annemarie published more than 100 articles and book chapters, three scholarly books (The “I” of the Beholder:  A Guided Journey to the Essence of a Child; My Life Experiences with Children:  Selected Writings and Speeches; and Educating Children for Life:  The Modern Learning Community), four children’s books, and a recent meditation on dying called Beyond Old Age.  She also developed the Annemarie Roeper Method of Qualitative Assessment to provide a more holistic understanding of a child’s abilities and personality.  She has been listed in Who’s Who, Women of the World and Who’s Who of American Women. 
In addition to co-founding and nurturing The Roeper School for 71 years, Annemarie mentored other educators who took her principles with them to other classrooms and to schools they founded, including the late Eleanor Siegl, who founded The Little School in Bellevue, Wash., and Anne Beneventi, co-founder of the New Helios School in Palo Alto, California.  In addition, numerous alumni who have become teachers have spoken of her influence on their practice.  Alumni who are parents have shared their gratitude for having their parenting style shaped by the deep respect for children they experienced from Annemarie. 
Annemarie is survived by her brother, Heinz Bondy and his wife, Carolyn, of Germantown, Md.; by three children:  Tom Roeper and his wife Laura Holland, of Amherst, Mass., Peter Roeper and his wife Martha Harnly, of Oakland, California., and Karen Roeper and her husband Peter Rosselli, of Muir Beach, California; three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Founded in 1941, The Roeper School is a uniquely personalized, coeducational school for gifted and talented children in preschool through grade 12 from over 60 communities in southeast Michigan.  With campuses in Bloomfield Hills and Birmingham, Michigan, Roeper was conceived on founding principles that recognize the power of education, choice and self-expression, and the transformative impact these principles have on young minds.  For more information, please visit
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May 01, 2011


May 24, 2011

Annemarie Roeper Ed.D. and AZALEA ART PRESS announce the publication of BEYOND OLD AGE: ESSAYS ON LIVING AND DYING, a provocative, personal look at the universal challenges of aging and end of life issues.

At age 92, Dr. Roeper is an expert on gifted children and education. In 1941, Annemarie and her husband, George, founded the Roeper School for Gifted Children in Michigan, one of the oldest and best-known schools for gifted children, still in existence today.

Meet the author as she signs her four children’s books and her new book of essays on:

2:30 PM

Annemarie welcomes your thoughts and comments. Contact her at: or visit her blog at


November 29, 2010


Annemarie's series of four children's books, written in 1963, are now back in print!  To order hardcover, softcover or e-book editions, go to  To order books in time for holiday giving, please order by December 10th.  Here's what people are saying about these titles:

November 19, 2010


We are pleased to announce the re-issue of Annemarie Roeper's children's book series, originally published in 1963.  Books can be viewed and ordered by going to  By clicking on the "Preview" button underneath the cover photo, you can see sample text and illustrations.  We hope you enjoy them!

(Please order by December 10th for holiday delivery)

October 17, 2010


Annemarie Roeper and Linda Silverman

Annemarie Roeper continues to be an inspiration to the field of gifted education and psychology.  Her innovative approach focuses on the inner world of the child--who the child is--instead of what he or she can do.  The Annemarie Roeper Method of Qualitative Assessment is a profound contribution to the assessment of gifted children. 

With her many years of experience, she is able to draw out a child's gifts through one hour of unstructured interaction and accurately determine the range of the child's abilities. She has laid the foundation for many schools for the gifted, including the Roeper School, the Logan School for Creative Learners and the Rocky Mountain School.  She can help schools create a supportive community, while retaining their individual missions and vision. 

Her parent support groups and parent consultations have helped hundreds of families to gain greater appreciation of each other and harmony. Her numerous books, articles, chapters and presentations are enlightening. Each year her wisdom deepens.  Amazingly, she now enters the electronic age with a blogspot!  What a gift to the world!

Linda Kreger Silverman, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, Director of the Gifted Development Center 

April 19, 2010


Dear Friends:


I have heard that some people actually retire, but for me not to be challenged by work and people is depressing, so I am happy to announce my new web page and that I am back in business.

I am excited about being able to continue my work, which was interrupted due to an illness.  I was a little concerned about re-opening my consultation service, but it all turned out well.  I have had several new inquiries already and I have worked with several children that I was able to connect with in the same way I have in the past, which made me very happy.

If you would like to schedule a consultation, you can email me at

For those who are interested, my new fee schedule will be:

Phone & Internet Consultations /
$150 per half hour

On-site Consultations /
$900 (for 3 required sessions)

If you have not yet become a Follower on my new web page, I would encourage you to sign up today so that you can receive regular updates of meetings, events and blog posts.  You can access it at:

Please also note that I will be holding a Parent Meeting on May 17, 2010 at 7 p.m. titled THOUGHTS ABOUT SUMMER FOR THE GIFTED CHILD.  All interested parents are welcome to attend.  Details are listed below.

Looking forward to hearing from you
and seeing you soon,

Annemarie Roeper, Ed.D.


April 20, 2010

Dear Parents:

Summer can be a very special opportunity for the gifted to follow their own dream, yet we often impose a structure on them even for the summer. Let this be an evening where we discuss the unusual opportunity to listen to your child and create programs that fulfill their own needs and desires. Get ideas from your children and bring those ideas to the evening!


Monday, May 17th
7 p.m.
11889 Skyline Boulevard
(Activities Room, Second Floor)
Oakland  . CA .  94619


The fee is $20 per person made out to Roeper Consultation Service.  Space is limited, so please let us know if you will be able to attend.


Annemarie Roeper

View my New Web Page at:

Annemarie Roeper, Ed.D. is an educational consultant with more than 60 years experience, specializing in the needs of gifted and creative children.  In 1941, she and her husband, George, founded the Roeper School in Michigan, one of the nation’s oldest and best-known private schools for gifted children.  In 2007, Annemarie was chosen as the first to be videotaped in the NAGC’s ‘Portraits in Gifted Education:  The Legacy Series’.  She has recently re-opened her consultation service to work with parent groups as well as with individual gifted children and adults by phone, internet and private meetings.

April 10, 2010




My Dear Friends:

I am pleased to announce the creation of my new web page, which coincides with the re-opening of my consulting practice to include gifted adults as well as gifted children ages 7 and up.  Please bookmark or add this address to your current favorites.

I will be adding articles and writings to the site periodically.  If you would like to link or be linked to me and/or provide a one-paragraph testimonial to be included on the site, I would be very happy.

I have also included some photos in a slideshow on the right column of the site.  Professional and personal links as they arrive will be listed also.   If you would like a photo, link or testimonial added or removed, please contact:

Karen Mireau

If you would forward this letter and the link to the new web page to your own mailing lists, that would also be very helpful.

Thank you for your support!

Much love,



Some signs of giftedness in children and adults compiled by Annemarie Roeper, Ed.D. and Betty Maxwell, Ph.D.


Remembering insults forever

Doing three things at once

Doing the outwardly foolish thing, taking up lost causes


Interest in life and death

Driven to comprehend, complexity of understanding

Wanting to know the reasons and origins of things

Asks, “What is my purpose?”


Recognition of falsity, no “trophy friends”

Complexifying solutions

Finding non-conventional solutions, originality

Not motivated by extrinsic awards, discomfort with praise


Undeterred by conventional expectations

Self taught, non-sequential learning

Need for precision

Recognition of unfairness, strong sense of justice

Making intuitive leaps, making logical projections

Noticing what no one else does

Manipulation and bargaining

Make and follow their own plans, less teachable

Devise practical experiments to see “What if?”

Saying, “Actually”

Large vocabulary, love of big words

Delayed in toilet training, difficulty in separating from mom

Early sense of responsibility

Not wanting to grow up and face the world

Less physical risk-taking

Zipping through Piagetian stages

Friends of both genders, later sexual interests

Abstract thinkers before having the emotional ability to handle it

Symbolic thinkers

Can animate their fears, powerful emotional imagination


Please send your good wishes for Annemarie c/o Karen Mireau at and we will post them here.

Recent Congratulations:

Your work has been such an inspiration for looking at the world through the eyes of gifted children and validating their inner world and honoring the soul in all children. I think of the school you created as an ideal environment for keeping a child's spirit alive - in a world that wants to solve the problem of the "spirited child." I believe that your unique approach to children and education is the solution to what ails the education system and medicine for the future. - Dr. Lara Honos-Webb

This is not a re-launching of your career but the mere launching of a new website! Your career is and has always been a seamless continuation of a lifetime of experiences from which you extract a pure, translucent insight. You then use your skillfulness to apply this insight to your work with others. Your approach to understanding and working with gifted individuals of all ages is non-dualistic, holistic, nurturing, kind and intuitive. For this reason, people of all ages are instinctively drawn to you seeking to grow under your tutelage. I send you wishes for continued success. - Cindi Lardner

I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE!!!! It makes me so happy to see you in pictures, and to read your wonderful words, and view this tribute to your 60 years of accomplishments. I LOVE IT! It feels like new life....just like the springtime! You are re-budding!!!! AMEN! - Patty Gatto-Walden

I LOVE your blog! First, the photo of you captures your true essence: kindness that is obvious in that knowing smile that I have come to love. I had a chance to watch some of the videos that are linked to your site. Fabulous! - Jim DeLisle

HOORAY! The new website give a fresh look and re-launches Annemarie's consulting practice. It is a compilation of many aspects of your life, Annemarie, and it is a great look to the past as well as to the future. - Michele Kane

Onederful!!!! You didn't mention this when I visited....what a great way to continue your work and share it with so many more.... - Susan Ryan

Ellen D. Fiedler, Ph.D. writes:


“Ageless” is the word that I’ve always used to describe my dear friend and treasured colleague, Annemarie Roeper. Her vitality of mind and spirit transcends all chronological boundaries, and issues of age simply vaporize in the clear, bright light of times shared with her.

“Ageless” is a word that also describes Annemarie’s perspectives on “life, the universe, and everything.” The wisdom she brings to every conversation I’ve ever had with her, as well as to her writings, presentations, and consultations, defy the boundaries of time and space. The pioneering work that she (with her beloved husband, George) did in creating and heading Roeper School and in developing “The Roeper Philosophy” has stood the test of time in honoring the Self of the child and broadening our perspectives on giftedness far beyond the narrow thinking of those who focus solely on the academic achievements and scholastic accomplishments of the gifted.

Most recently, one of the many manifestations of Annemarie’s ageless wisdom has been related to her Qualitative Assessment method for understanding the giftedness of children. She realized long ago that there was much more to identifying giftedness than was being revealed through traditional methods (test scores, teacher observations, performance tasks, etc.) and that she had been going well beyond those methods for years, dating well back to the days when she was at Roeper School full time. Her Qualitative Assessment (QA) method involves entering the world of the child and discovering much more about emotional and spiritual aspects of that individual, in addition to the child’s cognitive functioning, than could ever be revealed otherwise. So, Annemarie enlisted the aid of many of us who were close to her and very familiar with her work (Linda Silverman, Betty Meckstroth, Patty Gatto-Walden, Michele Kane, and others, including me) to establish an “apprenticeship” program that currently is well along in developing a cadre of skilled QA practitioners.

Spending time with Annemarie is, in itself, a timeless experience. Whether it was our conversations at the breakfast table, walking along one beach or another, riding together in a car, or sharing a meal, I invariably have found our discussions lively and intriguing and very influential in relationship to my work with teachers, schools, and school districts who are concerned with gifted children. (In fact, I often said that Annemarie and I should keep a tape-recorder going as we explored all those many complex and significant topics.) In an ongoing interplay between the past and the present, Annemarie draws on the experiences of a lifetime lived deeply and intensely while simultaneously being fully present in the here and now as her thoughts and feelings are dynamically shaped and reshaped in meaningful conversation with others.

Those of us who have known Annemarie well continue to be enriched by our connection with her. However, others who know her only through her prolific writings and speeches have continued to benefit by her timeless and ageless wisdom, benefits that have permanently changed the course of the field of gifted education for the better.

Ellen D. Fiedler, Ph.D., Professor Emerita, Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, IL. Educational Consultant: Wings for Education LLC, New Buffalo, MI.



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